Bundling sustainable energy projects by municipalities in the Athens Metropolitan Area

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The PRODESA project assisted seven municipalities in the Athens Metropolitan Area in developing and launching showcase energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that are implemented through innovative financial mechanisms and attracting private financing.  The project focused on optimal bundling of fragmented municipal projects, involving 94 public buildings and over 12,000 luminaires of streetlighting, aiming to achieve investments with considerable size, reasonable payback time and risk diversification.  Various financing scenarios were investigated, including mixing public grants with private financing, aiming to optimise all parties' financial results. PRODESA initiated a network of over 30 municipalities that received support to replicate the results.

Moreover, the project contributed to improving the current regulatory framework concerning the virtual net-metering regulation for allowing rooftop PV-generated electricity to offset electrical consumption by other municipal uses, e.g. street lighting, and to the deployment of Energy Performance Contracting by setting real examples for the municipalities.

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18 Oct 2022

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