Capacity building for local and regional authorities on innovative finance for sustainable energy and climate plans

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PROSPECT+ builds on the former Horizon 2020 project PROSPECT with the aim to enable capacity building in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement effective and efficient sustainable energy plans, ensuring synergies with other local plans and proper monitoring of effects. The learning continues through five learning modules (public buildings, private buildings, public lighting, transport, and cross-sectoral), with the accent on innovative financing instruments. While PROSPECT brought together 195 participants from 29 Member States and 160 cities, the ambition of PROSPECT+ is to ensure that over 200 additional cities from at least 20 Member States improve their capacities when it comes to implementing projects from SECAPs and similar sustainable plans. This means we will target app. 6% of total CoM signatories, which corresponds to over 4.000 actions in their existing SECAPs and similar plans, resulting in potential roll-out impacts of 20,057 GWh/year of energy savings and 2,048 Million EUR of additional investments.

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18 Oct 2022

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